How to knit a vertical opening in a scarf

I am not working from a pattern. I saw a scarf for sale in a catalogue. It has an opening that allows the wearer to pass the tag end of the scarf through to snug the scarf closer to the neck. It also serves to contain the loose end so it doesn’t get run over by, say a sled.
Anyway, what is the best method of doing this vertical slit? I already have two feet of scarf knitted. When I say vertical, I’m holding the scarf up by one end.

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For a vertical slit, one way is to work across the row to where you want the slit. Turn as you would at the end of a row. leave the remainder of the row on a holder and work back across the row on the same sts you just knit (side one).
When you have knit a long enough slit, slip the sts on the holder back to the needle (side two), rejoin a new end of yarn to these sts and knit only this side until it’s as long as the first side. At that point you can knit across the entire row, joining side one and side two and continue on with the scarf.

Here’s a more common way to knit a horizontal slit in the scarf:

Thank you @salmonmac for your suggestion. Also I thank you for the link to Judy! Both of you were quite helpful. Now to decide which way to do it. Lol

Here are a bunch of keyhole scarves that may have a method you’re interested in as well.

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