How to knit a knot?

Hey there! Every tutorial I find for a knot stitch purls into three stitches. This method they ask for has my mind blown. I’ve tried it exactly as it says, but I end up losing stitches. Any insight? Attached their knot instruction….

How are you trying to work the stitch?

It might help to try this out on a small swatch first so you get the hang of it before working your project.

The first part, k4 into same stitch I think will work as
Knit front back front back
That is what is shown in the video above. Knit as normal into the stitch but do not drop the old stitch off the left needle, instead Knit into the back (this is a regular kfb) then don’t drop the stitch off but work again into the front, don’t drop, and again into the back.
Now, with 4 stitches made, let the old stitch drop off the left needle.
You now have 4 stitches made out of 1.

The next part is to turn the work as though you reached the end of the row. This means those 4 stitches end up on the left needle ready to work.
Purl all 4.
They are now worked and on the right needle.

TURN again, this is not stated in the instruction but i believe you need to turn the work again resulting in those 4 stitches now being on the left needle and you have returned to the original direction of knitting for this row.

SLIP these 4 stitches purlwise onto the right needle.
Then lift stitches 2, 3, and 4 over stitch 1 and off the needle. This is like a bind off.
I’m not sure why it’s says the lift these over individually, I imagine the result is the same if you lift all 3 over at once. Perhaps it’s just easier to manage the needles if you do one at a time, but they are all being lifted over and off like a bind off.
These 4 stitches are numbered with 1 being closest to the needle tip, 2 is to the right, 3 next and then 4.

At the end of all this you will have used up 1 stitch, created a knot and be in position to work the next stitch. Stitch count doesn’t change.

I hope this helps and gives the result you want.

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