How to knit a hat

Well, I’m ready to knit a hat and all, it’s just I don’t know how to. I need some directions. I tried looking it up but nothing helped. I’m especially confused at the ending and how they made the piece of knitting join together into one to make a circular shape. So if anyone can help me please, I would be very grateful.

Your basic hat pattern is just a tube, knitted on double-pointed needles or a circular needle. (You can see examples of both in the video section here.) When you get to the top you decease to make the circle smaller until you get all the way to the center. Starting out with a ribbing of some kind is common, but beyond that it can be as simple or as fancy as you like. Check out the pattern section here, or, for basic patterns.

how to knit a hat–it could be a book title…

in the round?
conventional (ie some sort of half dome shape?
Unconventional? (onion domes? 3 cornered hats?

how about a Fez? is that conventional? or unconventional?
or a smoking hat? or a helmet or viking chicken?

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how to knit a hat? well you’ll find lots of ways… but you could just knit a hat…

I like this calculator for decreasing stocking caps.
I haven’t tried any other kind of hat.

You can knit a hat on straight needles going back and forth, do the top shaping and seam it together when you’re done.

I’m especially confused at the ending and how they made the piece of knitting join together into one to make a circular shape.
From what you say here it sounds like you are looking at hats made flat and sewn together. Personally I very, very, rarely make one that way.

I like knitting a hat in the round starting on a 16" circular, and moving to 2 circulars or dpns as you run out of stitches. When you make a hat in the round, there is no question about how do you make it shaped like a hat, you can see the hat forming before your eyes. At the top you just decrease slowly (or whatever) until you nearly run out of stitches and then run the tail through the remaining sts and pull to close the hole.

Hats allow a lot of creativity. Anything goes really, and as Elizabeth Zimmermann (famous knitter) said, “People will put anything on their heads.” If you figure out how many stitches you need based on your personal gauge, to go around your head and cast them on to a 16" circular needle and do about anything you want (I like a little ribbing at first) for as many inches as you want and then decrease in some particular pattern, or any way at all you will get a hat. You can put as many rounds between decreases as you want or decrease every round or every other or some other regular pattern. No matter what you do you will get a hat of some type. And, very importantly you will learn a lot in the effort to just do it and then decide what you’d like to change next time. Experiment. It’s lots of fun.

The first hat I ever knit was this one:

It’s super easy and it comes out really lovely. I have made several of them.

I don’t use circular needles, I just start of double pointed ones because you end up on them in the end anyway but it’s a matter of preference so you should probably try both. For circular needles you cast the stitches on the needle and then using the needle in your left hand, knit into the first stitch on the needle on the right. The first round is VERY awkward and the second and third aren’t much better. It gets easier as you go. You have to make sure you don’t twist the stitches and you knit the whole way around, don’t purl. You might try checking out a book from the library that has good pictures of circular knitting. It’s easier if you can see how it’s supposed to look.

Good luck!!

so would it all just come together in the end??
wouldn’t it look more like a part of a scarf that was sewed on the top. this is what I’m confused about. When you’re done knitting and you’ve done all the decreases and seaming on the top, wouldn’t there be an opening on the side, how would we make it so that there wouldn’t be any opening on the side??

You decrease and decrease until there are only about 6 stitches left and then you cut the yarn and thread it through the last 6 stitches and pull it tight.

You are just going to have to start and TRUST the directions! They will take you where you want to go!


It’s the opening on the side you seam together. On the top you can just thread your yarn through the remaining stitches like a drawstring and then seam the edges together.

hahahahha okay. Thanks a lot guys for helping…hahahahaa
I really aprreciated it!!