How to knit a hat/beanie

hii…could anyone help me with knitting a beaniee? umm. does it matter what size to buy? cause likee i bought a size US9…andd im new to circular knittingg…andd are the stitches supposed to be the samee size as it goes around in the circle or are they supposed to be like that? sorriee if i got anyone confusedd…i couldnt followw a book…:???:

Needle size is based on the yarn you choose and the pattern. I’d usually choose a pattern first then see what yarn and needle is recommended.

I’m not sure exactly what you mean by the stitches. If you can share a picture it would help. Do you have a pattern you can link to?

umm sorrie i dont…because im looking at a book andd its stockinette stitchh :slight_smile: andd im usingg redheart yarnn thank you :slight_smile:

ohh sorriee itss actually cast ons and not stitchess…sorriee