How To Knit A Felt Handbag

[b] I’m interested in knowing if anyone has a pattern for a felted handbag? I would like to make one for myself, not tooo small, average size. If anyone has any suggestions I certainly welcome.
Thanks so much for your time & help.


you could google a booga bag…lucy bag…hmm…sophie bag :slight_smile: that’ll get you started :slight_smile:

if you go to and click on felted items there are a lot to choose from.

sophie and booga are definitely good choices!

Oh, yes, I think Booga bags may be the most popular around. Here is a look at one that I did :wink: . We love felted bags around here :smiley:

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I would like to thank everyone for all their support & for the information. After my doctors appt I’ll be able to get back online & check out the various felted bag patterns.

May Everyone Have A Terrific Day!


If you go to the link at the top and search for “bag” you’ll get a lot of things to see. The Whatcha Knittin’ forum has a ton of stuff, too.

Thanks so much for your support. Yes I’m now trying to decide on which bag to make. It looks like I’m going with the Booga Bag…but I want to make it circular instead of square…Any suggestions?? How can I do that??


Michelle :XX:

This one is more circular, knit from the top down, decreasing at the bottom. Check in the “Whatcha Knittin’” forum and someone just finished this one recently!