How to knit a Dolman Sweater

Hello everyone! I’m new in this forum. I’m very happy to be here to take and give advises whenever I can. I would Iike to knit a dolman sweater and so far I know I can knit it cuff to cuff or from the front to the Back. But I don’t get hoe to shape it or how do you create de neck line. Help!!!

Welcome to KH!
The shaping of dolman sleeves is done with increases or decreases or both, depending on the direction the sweater is knit. The opening for the neck on a one piece sweater depends on the direction too. For knitting up the front, then over and down the back you bind off for the neck and then cast on sts after the shoulders are complete.
Take a look at some patterns and see how they’re done. I’ve searched Ravelry
but you can narrow the search to free patterns.
There’s quite a variety in size of the sleeves,

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Thank you so much