How to Knit a Blanket

Hi there
I want to knit a plain blanket large enough to cover a double bed. Can anyone help me with this? I would like for any joinings to be invisible and plan on using just the knitting stitch to start off (this is my first attempt). Any help would be much appreciated!


In order to knit a blanket, you’ll need to use a long circular needle to hold all the stitches. You’d knit back and forth on it as you would with straights.

As for the joins, that depends on the type of yarn you’ll be using. Amy has videos on several different types of joins that work well.

Knitting an entire blanket is quite an undertaking! Let us know your progress.

Bed blanket-

I had posted this before, but the Feb issue of Real SImple has this fabulous blanket that is all stockinette (purl side showing up in picture) using biiiiig needles and floppy yarn.

I bought some cotton that is thick and thin to try this out. I’m going to just cast on until I think it is big (wide) enough, and see how much yarn it will take to make it long enough. The fringe shouldn’t be too hard either.

hope that helps! MKZ