How to knit 0 (2,0)?

I am a fairly new knitter attempting a hat pattern. In my decrease rounds, I’ve just come across “knit 0 (2,0) together through the back loop” at the beginning of the round that later has me knitting 2 together the rest of the round.

Anyone know what that means? I understand knit 2 together through the back loop, but knit 0??

Later on I’ll have to knit 0 (1,0) as well so I better figure it out!.

Anyone who can offer some clarity here would be greatly appreciated!


it looks like your hat pattern includes multiple sizes. if that’s the case, the number outside the parentheses is for the first size, the first number inside is for the second size, and the second number inside is for the third size.
don’t forget to post a picture of your FO! :hug:

If it says knit 0, do exactly that. Ignore it and move on to the next direction. LV is correct that it is for different sizes.

Usually if there are three sizes it’s
S(M,L) correct?
If so, how come you do 0 for small, 1 for medium, and then 0 for large? Shouldn’t the last number be different? I mean, I’ve done patterns where you could make them different sizes, but I’ve never seen 0(1,0)

Why do you think it’s like that?

It has to do with the way they’re getting the pattern to fit in the number of stitches. In the sweater I’m knitting, there are a lot of directions like this. In one section there’s an 8-stitch pattern which is repeated across the row. But, not all sizes have a multiple of 8 stitches across. So, you get some k0’s to even things out - because SOME sizes need to knit 1 to get the pattern straight, others need to knit 0, and some need to knit 3. I hope that makes sense!

Ok, it’s for the sizing…that makes. I may have repeated the order inside the parentheses wrong - so it might be 0(0,2).

I will have to check on that.

But so basically, I just ignore it for the size I’m working on, which is the size outside the parentheses. Got it.

Thank you all!

It may be a while before I am finished because I just realized last night that knitting through the back loop is totally different from a regular knit!! Which means I’ve gotten 75% done and haven’t been doing the twisted rib my pattern calls for. Instead it’s just plain ole ribbed. :tap:

Anyhoo - thanks for all the comments, it really helps, especially since I don’t know of any other Atlanta knitters yet!


When you’re using a pattern that shows several sizes that way, it’s helpful to go through it and mark your size with a highlighter wherever there’s a multiple direction.