How To Keep A Toddler Entertained in a Stroller?

I am going to a fall festival this weekend and there are going to be hundreds of people there. My DS3 is going with me and I’m trying to think of ways to keep him entertained in his stroller. I know he’s going to want to get out and run and what not. I bought a harness for him that looks like a monkey and it’s a backpack, but I would really rather not use it. My son is a runner and I’m just trying to be proactive.

Anyway, I’ve looked online for things, but everything is geared towards babies!! The only things that are coming to mind right now is a supply of Cheetos Puffs and his Leapster, which is sometimes hard to see the screen in the sun.

Any suggestions???

Toddlers can be hard. Hmmmm. One thing my kids used to love in the car was I had story tapes. They would listen to those on long drives. Any chance you could get books/stories on your MP3 player and give him headphones? My daughter recently checked out books on cd from the library and she’s loves listening to those while she works on craft projects. She bought a portable cd player for $10 to use them with. The leapster is a great idea too. Any kind of electronic game would probably work. I understand that he’s too heavy to put on your back and he’d probably just want out of there too. Sorry I can’t think of anything else! Good luck!

If he’s still light enough to carry, I’d backpack him. Our son was awful in a stroller but had a great time looking at things over my shoulder. Bear in mind that in a stroller, all he’s seeing is knees and feet!

I agree – looking at knees & feet all the time is no fun. I would look for opportunities for him to safely walk with you (hopefully burn off some energy).

Put the harness on him. My granddaughter has one and it is adorable. She runs off so quick, if you don’t have a grip on her. They just hate strollers at that age.

I can understand you not wanting to use the harness. My son can be a pain when we have him in his! When we have him in his chair we normally try to have a supply of food and drink that he likes, a book or magazine might be nice for him to look at, sometimes a new (inexpensive) toy can work wonders. Also you could try playing an ‘eye spy’ type game with him and get him interested in what he can see.

The weirdest things can keep my son quiet though. Last time we went shopping and he was in the trolley he wanted to hold a box of cereal and there wasn’t a peep out of him after we gave it to him! :shrug:

I’ve raised 5 kids and made my way through the pre-school age and many a Fall Festival! I remember us…with 5 in tow…at the Western Washington State Fair…we juggled them all between regular size strollers, umbrella strollers, and harnesses.

One thing for certain: keep him in sight at all times by whatever means possible. Pedophiles shop for little kids at large gatherings like this.

I had a harness, and attached it securely to my belt loop…when they were tired of that, it was back to the stroller…when they were tired of that, it was back to walking on the harness. Yeah, and lots of drinks and snacks as diversionary tactics!

You are a good mother! Looking out for their safety and happiness. It’s a fine line we walk! But you’ll still be doing it when they’re 16! It never ends.