How to K9tog?

Can anyone tell me an easy way to do this? I can’t get both needles through 9 stitches - thanks

That sounds like a heck of a lot. . .what is the pattern? Can you provide a link to it or the name and page number of the book or magazine? (You can type in a few lines if it’s not free, but you can’t just write in the entire pattern or scan it in due to copyright.)

Wow, what Sandy said - that IS a lot! Sounds like you’re making some sort of bobble or similar.

Are you sure the pattern doesn’t offer any advice how to do this somewhere? Maybe near the top after the list the yarn requirements, needle size, guage, etc.

I’m thinking the easiest way would be to slip the first 8, then knit one and pass all the slipped stitches over one at a time.

Can we see the pattern pic? I’m curious what it’ll look like.

I would imagine that this is easiest using a crochet hook as a helper.
I’d love to see the pattern, too!!! :hug:

Thanks everyone, you all gave me an idea - to use a machine-knitting hook or a loop-turner, with a hinged piece that closes the hook. The pattern is in a current Belgian knitting mag called “Sarah”, and they don’t appear to be online. The instructions are in french, and they don’t say anything about how to accomplish this stitch. I’m going to try to attach a photo of the garment. The stitch is pretty, it’s a little like frost flowers with bobbles at the bottom, with ribs that come together at the top (the k9tog) offset by 9 YO’s.

Well, I tried to attach photos, but they’re too big…I set my camera to the minimum settings - any suggestions? They’re only 145kb, but they won’t attach

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Kinda like a Fanflower…sounds really pretty!

Well, here’s one photo - thanks, I didn’t know how to shrink photos. There is no link, the magazine doesn’t have a website.

Oh my! It IS really pretty…elegant! Thanks for the photo!:hug:

Wonderful. I think I’ve seen a similar stitch in an estonian lace pattern.

Beautiful! Directions in French, eh? Good luck to you!!!