How to "Join Stitches in the round"

I am newbie to knitting. I have a pattern for knitting a hat for a newborn. The first round is Cast On stitches. I just finished that round. But now the instructions say " join to work in round". I do have the instructions to join, but its still confusing. I have 2 needles, wool yarn. All the CO stitches are on my left needle and the right needle has no stitch (or the last stitch) on it. Both the instructions and the video on this site show how to “join in the round” with circular needles, but how do i join with two straight needles? Please help.
Thanks in Advance!

You can’t join with straight needles. They can only be used for back and forth knitting. For a baby hat, you might be able to start with a short circular, but you’d have to switch to double-pointed needles or use one of the other techniques for knitting in the round.

You can, however, knit a hat and seam up the edge using straights.

Thanks for replying Ingrid. So do you suggest that I start over with 2 circular needles? What are the other techniques for knitting in the round that you are mentioning? Sorry about so many questions, I am completely new to knitting. My baby is due in 6 weeks and am hoping to get this hat done before then!


You can knit in the round with two circs, using magic loop, or dpns if there are too few stitches to fit around a circular needle.

One of the best ways to learn dpns is to start a hat on a 16 inch circular and then switch.

Amy has video on all the techniques.

If you’re completely new to knitting, you might want to try knitting your hat flat and seaming it up.

Here’s a link with about a bazillion baby hat patterns hats:

Here are some from that list which I think of as beginner level, which are all 2-needle hats:

I couldn’t find the simple 2-needle baby hat I made about a year ago for my sisters’ babies, but these should be pretty stress-free hat patterns.

Thanks Ingrid, cftwo. The links are really useful!