How to handle too many stitches

I swear, I don’t know how this happens. But sometimes, by the time I finish knitting a row, I have an extra stitch. How do I decrease this without it being too obvious. It seems like K2Tog is way too obvious. I tried SSK 2 tog. But UGH…

Any help appreciated!!!

Would it be better to fix this mistake and keep it from happening again or would you rather just decrease the number of stitches, leaving the mistake as is?

If you’d rather fix your mistake, you can take a look at this thread to get some ideas of where the stitch may have come from:

As for decreasing a stitch, I don’t know of an invisible way to do it, but you might try all the decreases listed here and see if one works better for you:

You need to figure out how you’re adding stitches… There’s a thread with some ideas, but the most common ways are when you start a row, the yarn is over the top of the needle to the back and it pulls the first stitch up so it looks like two sts. So hold the yarn out to the side a bit until you stick the needle into the first st to knit it. If you’re doing a row with knits and purls you might be bringing the yarn over the needle to switch instead of between the needles. Sometimes you might be putting an extra wrap between sts, so watch where your yarn is and make sure it’s not around the needle before you begin to make the next stitch.

I would definitely want to fix the mistake, figure out how I did it, and make sure it doesnt happen again. I will take a look at the thread you posted. Thank you very much.

Make sure you are just knitting stitches as well, not knitting a thread in between.

I’ve forgotten what you’re making…but I’d probably take it out and try again. Sometimes fixing is fine, but it is important to understand what is happening. It’s not uncommon among newer knitters, but we all do it occasionally.

Here’s a video for tinking or taking out a row stitch by stitch. It may also help you see where the mistake is as you go along. Finding the reason for the extra stitches is definitely an easier and more satisfying way to go. It’s all experience. Good luck with it!

After reading all of your suggestions, I saw a thread in between, where there was a yarn over a knitted stitch and made it look like 2 stitches. Now that I am watching what I am doing and looking at stitches closer when moving from purl to knit, I see what you all are talking about. Switching over can look right at the time, but later you pick up a stitch. Thanks to all!!!

It’s great that you could pick out where the mistake was. Looking at your knitting, reading the stitches and seeing where something is out of place or wrong is one of the best skills to develop.

Sometimes I’ll wrap the yarn around the needle twice, making an extra stitch. Maybe I forgot I already knitted the stitch? Another boo boo for me is putting the needle through the stitch, wrapping the yarn around, slipping both off, and not making sure the old stitch has been dropped. This happens sometimes if I’m trying to knit too fast.

Since reading all of your thoughts, I have begun to notice and purposefully watch how different stitches makes the yarn act (if that makes sense). And since then, I have not had one extra stitch or a dropped stitch. Thanks again to everyone!!