How to graft

I have just compleated my first sock ever :cheering: Only one problem. The pattern says to “graft the toe” It doesn’t exactaly explain what this is, or how to do it. I’ve been told you need to do this to prevent “donky ears”

Can you help? How do you graft? Can’t I just gather the toe and be done with it?

Oh and when I have completeated grafting, am I done with the sock? Ther eis no other sewing or anything? (Except to weave in the tail from where I cast on)

This is the “Basic Sock Pattern” from the book “Socks Saur on 2 Circular Needles.”

Grafting is also known as kitchener stitch, a video can be found here.

Yes, once you have done the toe and woven in the ends, you are done!!!