How to get this pattern

I looked all over this site to see how to get this pattern.
Can I buy it from the site? I see she has a few patterns for childrens sweaters, I think they are in a book or phamplet.
Thanks again for any help you can give me.
Connie :knitting:

Hi Connie, What is the name of the pattern you’re looking for? Do you know the designer’s name?

This is on top of the site page
Kid’s Top-Down Raglan by [U][COLOR=#0066cc]Gail Tanquary[/COLOR][/U]

and this also      Published in  [IMG][/IMG][[U][COLOR=#0066cc]Ann Norling #53[/COLOR][/U]](

Nope you have to find the book or booklet the pattern is located in. Ravelry has a list of patterns but not all are free or available on the site. The first link you put in, for Gail Tanqueray, has a lot of free patterns that are available from Crystal Palace yarns at their site. But the Kid’s Raglan isn’t - check with your local yarn shop to see if they have the book.

If you have trouble finding that booklet there are a lot of other nearly identical patterns on Ravelry. Top down raglan is a very popular design.