How to get larger projects done without feeling discouraged?

I am knitting a blanket, specifically a baby blanket. I’m just wondering how one doesn’t get bored of knitting the whole thing in garter stitch. I love knitting as much as the next person, and goodness knows a project one can do without much thinking is nice, but how does one not let the repetitiveness get to them?

So far I have about an inch and a half of the blanket done, and because I’m not the world’s fastest knitter by any means, I just work in spurts, or whenever I have time for something seemingly easy and mindless I can do in front of the TV.

I’m working with DK weight yarn, so that might be part of why it’s not the quickest project, but I’m just curious as to how others get such a big project done? I’m feeling a little discouraged here.

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Can you read or watch TV while knitting? That’s what I’d do.

I do most of my knitting while also watching TV or listening to the radio. So that keeps me from getting bored.

I really don’t use plain garter stitch for a whole project. Sometimes I will make one of those diagonal/corner-to-corner blankets in garter st and that’s better!!


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I’ve practiced enough on those plain stitch patterns that I don’t need to look at what I’m doing anymore. I watch tv and hardly ever have to look at it. I knit in cars, trains, movie theaters. Bring your project to a knitting group. Ultimately if I get bored with something I’ll start another project.

Sometimes, I will have a couple of projects going, the big one, and then a smaller one I can do to break the monotony! This makes me feel a little more accomplished when I finish the smaller one! The baby will love it!

I have yet to do ablanket project, but I’ve been planning one and intend to start a baby blanket soon too. And I wondered about the question raised as well. I think my strategy will be to settle on some simple texture motifs and borders to make it more interesting in hopes that will help stave off any monotony-driven burnout–I’m thinking throwing in some simple twisted cables and/or mock cables and some panels of box stitch with garter borders. or something… I will definitely have at least one other project going at the same time too to mix it up.

I will just say on a side note that Having been able to Increase my speed a lot lately really helps too–as ive sped up larger projects just begin to seem less and less daunting (i still spend the same anount of time knitting, i just get more done). :slight_smile: Of course, knitting teaches patience which is also valuable, but there is great satisfaction for me personally not in rushing per se but in optimizing efficiency in technique. that for me has been part of the fun in itself. :slight_smile:

good luck with the blankie!

Thank you all for your suggestions and advice! I think I’ll try using a TV show or movie to help with the monotony. Thanks again, I really appreciate it!

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Hi I’m a newbie to this site, but a long time knitter. What I do is knit the top, bottom, and side borders along with the body of blanket. Breaks it up a bit

I love knitting…but miles of garter stitch–or stockinette for that matter–leads to brain death :wink:
One thing I do is listen to a book on mp3 or even streamed from my library or from --makes everything go faster, or at least keeps me working instead of finding excuses to do something else. Another thing I’ve found is that crochet goes lots faster for baby blankets and looks and feels good too. Yet another method that helps: doing some kind of pattern where I have to pay attention, rather than just one kind of stitch, helps me stay interested. Check back when you find what works for you! :slight_smile:

Hi Artchic, I know exactly how you feel about the baby blanket! The last blanket I knit, I purposefully chose 1 with design so I’d have to pay attention and, most important, knit in a Bulky weight yarn!! After knitting a couple of outfits for my granddaughter, I vowed to never knit anything lighter than worsted weight yarn :grin: That was round after round of stockinette in dk and I couldn’t wait to be done with it!!

I have same problem. Watching TV helps, but I find myself knitting smaller projects and never getting back to the blanket! I need more discipline :tired_face:

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If I can choose the yarn for a large project, it’s less boring for me if I can use variegated/self striping etc type colours. Obviously it’s not suitable for everything, but that’s just my two pence lol.
I also knit in front of the TV most evenings, no matter what I’m making.

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That is why I got an LK150 Studio knitting machine. I knit the middle of a blanket or any other item that is mainly stockinette on the machine then just have to hand do the edges.