How to get beads onto yarn

I’m getting interested in adding beads to my knitting. Now, I’ve read of a few ways to do this. For example, using dental floss looped over the yarn…I have tried this but it’s a pain in the rear lining up the ends of the floss to fit both ends through the bead. I can’t remember a few other ways to do it, but I was thinking could I buy one of those beading wire thingies? Seems that would work. Any suggestions? Thanks so much.

Oh, by the way I’m not talking about placing beads with a crochet hook, what I mean is stringing beads onto the yarn before I start knitting so I can slide them up as I need one. :slight_smile:

Did you check out u tube?

I like this column from knitty.
I’ve found that I like slipping the bead onto the stitch or stringing the bead and placing it in front of a slipped stitch. If I just knit it in, some beads shift to the back.

Thanks Salmonmac I went to u tube and saw so many different ways that you could use but I am not familiar with the process itself (chicken me), so I am glad you were able to help Susianna.

Here’s a video from knit picks that shows how to string the beads onto the yarn and then how to knit them into the work using the slip-stitch method. I like this method because the beads can’t slip to the back of the work and they look so nice the way they are positioned. The biggest drawback to this method is when a pattern calls for several hundred beads. If my pattern calls for more than 200 beads, I switch to the crochet hook method.

Something I will need to try in the future

Thanks for your many suggestions! I’ll take a look around. So many ways to do things.

I tried the slip stitch method and like that one best.

Thank you so much for your question on beading. I watched the video and now I’ll be trying this method soon too.

That’s great Trice I’m having so much fun with beads now! It always intimidated me but it’s really quite easy. Enjoy!