How to fudge a pattern when row gauge is off?

I made a swatch yesterday to check my gauge on a new yarn. The specified neede size gave me exact stitch gauge but not the right row gauge. The pattern calls for 18 rows/10 cm and I got 22 rows/10 cm…

So, how to I make this work? Do I try different needle sizes to adjust for row gauge or will that affect my stitch gauge too much? (I’ve never been off gauge on a project where row gauge might be important…)

I’ll be knitting Starsky and I guess that row gauge doesn’t matter until it comes to shaping the armholes and making the sleeve caps. I mean, I’m supposed to decrease with an interval that will be row dependent, but as I’m off on the rows my decreases will be done on a shorter length of sleeve cap or back or front panel than if I was on gauge. Or? :??

Hmmmm… What do you think? Try different needles or try and fudge? And if so, how?

Thank you!!! :smiley:

Stitch gauge is really the most important one. As you knit the body, you can get a better picture of your row gauge in pattern, and, if need be, add rows when you’re doing the shaping. For a sweater like this, I don’t think that as long as you do the same thing on both sides (take notes) that it will look odd in any way. A fitted garment, maybe, but not for a cardigan like Starsky.

I was hoping someone with a lot of knitting experience would say just that. :smiley: Thank you!

The only parts I’m really worried about are the sleeve caps and the armholes. But I guess I can work that out with a little help from my friends… :wink:

Also, with a row gauge of 22 rows instead of 18… I’ll end up knitting more rows than the original pattern calls for, right? And that means extra lengths of yarn, right? Hmmm… I ordered two skeins more than what the pattern called for, but will that be enough? :?? I want to lengthen the cardigan and now I think I’ll use more yarn because of my row gauge… Hmmm… Guess I could make the collar thinner if I have to and maybe make the belt shorter too…

It’s very possible, too, that the weight of the sweater will make the row gauge change. I’d wait and see how it develops.