How to fringe?

HI! I’m new at this forum. I am also new at knitting! Does anyone know how to fringe??? I want to fringe my scarf, but I can’t find any knitting sites that says how!! So if anyone knows, please post!!!

Thanks! :smiley:

what you can do, well there’s a few things you can do…what I do is I cut lengths of yarn twice as long as I want the finished fringe to be, and I take a small number (maybe four lengths of this yarn) and I take them and fold them in half, then I get a crochet hook and reach through a stitch on the bottom of the scarf, and what I do is, I hook the yarn center (where its folded) and bring it through. Then I take the dangling ends and lasso them with the loop made by the fold. Tug on it, and one peice of fringe is done!

Hope this helps…

Here’s some diagrams