How to fix mistakes in a Mock Turkish Stitch


I’m working on my first non-scarf project – a “wrap” (which I realize is really just big scarf!). I’m using Tokyo yarn (very fun) and am a little freaked out that I have 8 skeins of the stuff. :shock:

I’ve started and restarted this project ( several times. The worst was frogging it after I found a dropped stitch just moments before finishing the first skein. (ARGH!!!)

My question is this: How do you fix mistakes with a stitch like this? If I spot a mistake in a “regular” stitch (garter or stockinette) I can easily unravel and slip my needle back in. But, with this stitch (which is basically a bunch of yo and knit2tog), I can’t for the life of me figure out how (or where) to slip the needle back in.

This is very hard to explain via a wordy post, I know. But, I hope you get the idea. I welcome any help you can offer.

Meanwhile, I’m knitting SO carefully…which is VERY stressful!


I can’t really help, but I can empathize. I’m currently “unknitting” stitch by stitch about 3 rounds of a Moebius Scarf, which is impossible to frog because it’s twisted up on itself on a circular needle. Both outside edges are picked up together, making 300 stitches on the needle, if my calculations are correct, so that means I’m taking apart nearly 900 stitches, one at a time. I can’t see how to do it any other way. Of course, I was an idiot not to realize that my stitch marker had fallen off and I was working stockinette instead of garter… :doh: Thanks for listening, I hope somebody has an easy answer for you.

Amy has a great video on fixing mistakes…

I found my lifeline!

Kelly, thanks for the video reminder. I thought I had watched them all, but no! I had missed the lifeline instructions. I just put one in my work, and I’m feeling so much better! I’m merrily stitching along again :XX: with my lifeline in place.

Sara, if you haven’'t already, check out the lifeline video. It might be just what you need. Meanwhile, I feel your pain! :crying:

Thank you, Amy, for creating this “lifesaving” video! :cheering: