how to fix inside out knitting in the round???

I am fairly new to knitting. I am making a hat on circular needles. I messed up and had to take my knitting off the needles to rip back a few rounds and when I put it back on i realized it was inside out. my stitch marker also fell off and now I am not sure if it is inside out anymore because I don’t know which stitch is the first. I have it narrowed down to 2 stitches but I can’t tell which the long tail is actually coming from. I decided to keep working on it because it looks the same on both sides because I am doing a 1x1 rib stitch, but then i realized my pattern calls for different stitches later on, like a 3x2 ribbing and k2tog’s etc… and and it will be confusing and difficult to follow because the instructions tell you to either knit or purl and for me the knits are purls and the purls are knits. How can I tell which stitch is my first stitch and whether it’s inside out

If after ripping you accidentally switch direction (by turning the knitting inside out) it will create a tiny hole because you begin working in the wrong direction. If you can not find any hole, then you probably have the right side out.

When you need to know what is the very first stitch, try to think if you begun your rib with a knit or a purl. That helps you to know which is the first stitch of those two you have narrowed it down to.

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One way to prevent inside out (accidental reverse) when knitting in the round is to remember the yarn should always connect to the right hand needle.

Finding the first stitch depends on the type of cast on. The yarn tail will either be at the start of the round (knitted co and others) offer at the end of the first round (longtail co).

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That is correct – no matter whether you have your work on the needles or not (as in your case, when you had to rip out), the working yarn (the one that comes from the ball) will ALWAYS be attached to the right hand side of the spot you are working on. That means, if you pick it up, and it is on the left side, you are turned around; Simply turn your work around and you will be on the right side facing you to get started.

Another tip: when working in a circle (such as on a hat or sock or mitten), you should ALWAYS be working on the side of the circle nearest you. The rest of the work should be away from you. It does happen sometimes, especially in the first few rounds, that your work will flip inside out without you knowing it, and you will find yourself working on the far side of the circle. That is all wrong!!! Switch it around to set yourself straight, and then proceed.

When you gain a lot of experience, you can work upside down, if you like, but not now. Set yourself up correctly and your work will be much smoother!!

As for finding the start of the round, sometimes that is not so important.

If you have any kind of pattern, then you may need to find the beginning of the round. Or if you have a stitch pattern for the beginning. Find that, and then put your marker back in place. The tail from your cast on is a good indication of where you started, usually. If you can find coilless safety pins as a marker, they are the best. (Regular safety pins get yarn caught in the coil at the end.)

What I like to use is a long-tailed marker. I use a long piece of yarn and loop it over my working needle. Then when you slip the marker, I bring the working yarn in front or behind the marker, as required. That locks in into the work… it will weave in and out of your work and shows where the beginning of the round has been for the past several rounds. Sometimes it moves! As you work, you will pull the marker up when needed, and it won’t affect your work at all. Use a thin thread, like crochet cotton or something similar, for least interference.

Then if you do have to rip out your knitting, that marker is still in your work, and can be put back on the needles at any time. Just a tip from someone that has tried all kinds of things!

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