How to fix and prevent ladders while knitting brioche in the round??

I’m knitting two color brioche in the round fo the first time. The pattern repeat is as follows:

All of the MC rounds (blue) are turning out completely fine, including the join. However, on the CC (pink) rounds I am getting huge ladders where each new round begins. Instead of two rows of brioche like on the blue side, the pink side has nothing. I’m somehow doing the end and beginning of the CC rows wrong. It seems like something is wrong with my yarn overs but I don’t know what. So first, does anyone know what I’m doing wrong and how to do it correctly? Second, I’ve seen some videos for fixing brioche with a crochet hook but I don’t understand how to apply that to two rows right next to each other that are completely wrong. How do I fix the existing ladders without frogging?

It looks to me like a dropped stitch at the ladder. You’re missing a column of pink sts there.

You would have to ladder up the pink stitch and it’s accompanying yarn over. Here’s a video that seems to explain the process quite well. You already have the dropped stitch so you don’t need the first part although it is helpful to see the stitch construction.

It may also help to put in a lifeline once you get the laddered stitch back on the needle.

Thank you! I’m wondering if I didn’t drop two stitches tho. As you can see on the reverse side there are two columns of blue rib right in a row. Shouldn’t I then have two columns of pink on the reverse side?

Just a single stitch dropped. From the predominantly blue side where you see the 2 columns of blue knit sts you should see the back of the pink column along with its blue yarn overs. Look at the columns on either side of the 2 blues. That’s what you should see between the 2 blues.