How to find a clasp

I need a clasp for my Split Neck tee, something like this, 3rd pic down:

I know there are a few at Patternworks. Where else can I get them? And what would be the search term I’d use. Obviously “clasp” is too general (try searching etsy for that!), so is there a more specific name this type is called?

ack- this has a specific name and I’m blanking on it. they are similar to the cardigan clasps of the 50’s that had the chain connecting them. This will bug me all night!!! I’m sure it will come to me in the middle of the night or in the shower and I’ll shout it out and my DH will think I’m insane.

I can’t remember but… frog toggle? That’s what came to mind.

Scroll down the page past the buttons, they have several beautiful ones!

Awsome Giedre thanks so much!!! they are pretty and what an interesting site!

Thanks, everybody!

I found these at Michael’s today. they are meant for jewelry, but some are large enough to be used for simple closures. scroll to the middle for some really pretty silver ones.

they are held closed by a magnet- not just a toggle, so they won’t fall apart like some toggles do.

Try the upper sacle fabric stores.

Those clips with the chains are called sweater clips. Frustratingly enough, nobody that I know sells the sweater clips retail (I looked, because I thought it was a functional and pretty way to hold a shawl in place), but there are places on line you can buy them (just Google “sweater clips”, or you can make your own.

Nikki, I’ve seen the clip that they show in the picture at Joann’s in the same area as the buttons, if that helps.

These are the only ones I could find. :??