How to embroider (not dup stitch)

i was wondering if anyone had a link to a “how to embroider” your knitting. i know how to do a duplicate stitch, but sometimes i want the embrodery to be smaller than the knit stitches or not as block-like.

Do you mean how to embroider ON your knitting? If so, this isn’t bad:

If you know the name of the stitch you want to do, I’ve typed it in on–they have more detailed instructions. Hope that helps!

“Knitting Plus” by Montse Stanley.
Literally hundred of ways to get great effects with generally simple embroidery stitches.

that site is great! thank you.
to do it on a knitted piece, do i just carefully go through part of the yarn, or is it sugested to sew through all plies?

I usually go between stitches, but sometimes I need the thread in the middle of a stitch, and then I go through all plies. I think it’s probably sturdier than just going through part of the yarn. Good luck! I’ve always been happy with how embroidery looks on a knitted piece. :slight_smile: