How to embellish a plain scarf?

I made a plain black scarf using the brioche stitch and I’d like to add a little color or character to it. Anyone have any ideas? :confused: I thought about getting some eyelash yarn or something similar and weaving it in, but it looks so out of place. Maybe I’m doing it wrong. The black yarn is very chunky, and the color I’d like to accent it with is much thinner… don’t know if that’s a factor. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

How about some mini crochet or knit flowers sewed on randomly in the 5-6 inches from the end.

Could you add color by using different yarn and adding a fringe to the ends of the scarf? Or maybe pompoms?

How about weaving some of those very narrow ribbons either the length of it or across one or both ends? You could tie the ends in a bow if you only add one or two or if you go through the whole scarf lengthwise you could leave them out like fringe.

That would be simple and really pretty!

ETA: I was thinking of the narrow 1/8" satin ribbon like this, but any would work.

Jan, that would be pretty! I just finished knitting a chunky black scarf and was thinking of doing a fringe on it but wasn’t sure what color to go with (I’d like to be able to wear it with different jackets). Anyway, your idea could be switched out if I wanted to. I was even thinking that I could buy some big vintage earrings and place them at the ends of the scarf for something a little different.