How to easily weave in or take care of lots of ends

I am currently working on a sweater, that has an 85 row stripe pattern with 8 different colors. Sometimes I use a color for only one row, and the sometimes I use a color for 4 rows. What I am wondering is, if anyone knows if there is any easier way to take care of my loose ends, rather than driving myself crazy with trying to weave all the ends in. :knitting:

Is this being done ITR or flat? Are you breaking for each color change or carrying some? How many rows between a color repeat? You can weave your cut ends in as you go (when not carrying)…is that the info you’re looking for?


This article may offer you some help.

I just made a striped tote which had a lot of ends (although it was much smaller than a sweater!!). My only ‘tip’ is that it was better for my psychologically to weave in the ends as I went rather than waiting until the whole project was done. I can weave in about 6 pieces of yarn before I get bored, so I kept a tapestry needle in the fabric and would just weave some ends in every once in a while as I worked.

Check out this (old) thread… some good answers there.

If you are doing a cardigan you will probably have a back and two fronts. Is that the case? If so, you will have seams and what happens along the edges will not be that noticeable. There are several tricks and I think you were guided to some of them. I would try to knit over some of the ends as I work. I think that was shared.

Another thing that you can do is to carry yarns up the side if you are reusing them. This can all be hidden in the seams and won’t look back.

There is another thing that I have a little trouble explaining. But if you have a color that you use an odd number of rows (or anytime a color is there but on the other end of the needle) so that it is not where you need it the next time, but you have been able to carry it along, you can pick it back up on the wrong row and work that row back however it needs to be worked to keep the right side of the work facing the outside. I mean you may knit a red row across and only do the one row, but then if you need the red a reasonable distance (for carrying up the side) away but need the yarn on the right side again (and the yarn is at the other side) you can just turn the work over and work that red row as a purl row. This works with simple stockinette and may work with some other stitches as well.

I hope you got something out of that.

It is flat, I am breaking for each color, I am not able to carry. The number of rows in between varies, it can be any where from one row to 10. I did weave in some cut ends toward the end of my sleeves, but I need to figure out how to take care of the rest.

I have completed all the way that I can on my sweater, I need to weave in all my ends so that I can sew it and do the hood. It is in stockinette, and I wasn’t that smart to weave in the ends as I knittted, until I came upon this. By then I was at least half way through my sleeves. I have a back, two fronts, and sleeves, so it is a lot of weaving! I just was hoping that there would be a much easier solution to this huge project. The thing is it is a maternity sweater, and I am pregnant now, so I need to get it done before it doesn’t fit!!!