How to dye yarn

My dh just got back from Ann Arbor, MI and brought the MOST beautiful Malabrigo kettle dyed blue yarn that I have ever seen. :inlove:
OK, so the malabrigo wasn’t his idea (thanks Paige at Busy Hands on Main St.), but the yarn gift was his idea.
Anyway, I want to dye my own yarn. How can I be happy with just uniform factory dyed yarn now? :wink:
I 've been reading all the posts to get ideas.
I’ve also read the Knit Picks tutorial. For monetary reasons, I better start out with Kool-Aid. Sorry this is so long… My question is how to I get my yarn to be variegated shades of the same color? I guess I make it into a hank?

[li]you want your yarn in a hank, and you’ll need to tie it (very loosely) in a few places to keep it from tangling. use undyed/light colored cotton yarn.[/li][li]you’ll need to soak your yarn in warm water. i like to add some white vinegar. it’s not necessary though.[/li][li]while yarn is soaking, prepare your dye. Kool-aid just needs water. I would mix two or three concentrations. say, 1 pack, then 3, then 5. the single would be your base color. add it to your dye pot.stir it and then add your yarn.[/li][li]after the dye exhausts, take medium mix, and pour it on the want it to take unevenly, to get a tonal effect.[/li][*]repeat with the third, strongest solution. you can also use different, neighboring colors to get more colors. light a blue, green and yellow. red, blue, purple. pink, red, yellow.[/ol]anyhow. thats what I would do. HTH :slight_smile:

Thanks for replying to my post! :slight_smile:
Just one more question… I’ll probably have lots of questions, but I think trial and error is the way to go. Mistakes can turn out to be wonderful… serendipity?
Anyway, about how much water should I add to the stronger concentrations of Kool Aid?
Oh, one more question, should I wash my yarn before dying it?
Thanks again Jeanius80.

i wouldn’t wash it first. I would make each mix in 1 cup of hot water, a little more would be ok too. and you’ll want your dye pot water to just cover the yarn.

Thank you.

Now, off I go to buy Kool Aid! :happydance: