How to draw customer's attraction

Hi there,
I need ideas to attract more customers to my shop. I own a custom crochet designing shop, it has been 1 year since we started this shop but couldn’t find any profit. We are not able to find more customers so we are planning to keep an exhibition of our product. Many of my friends told that “word of mouth” is better than the advertisements. But we don’t know how to encourage the appreciation from the customers and draw new customers to our shop. I read a blog about the promotional campaigns and how they help in promoting the business but as a small crochet shop will this help us in our business? Will this bring a sudden hike? Any ideas for promoting our business?

I know nothing about selling anything, but I do know that when selling hand made items it’s very difficult to turn a profit. Most non-knitters and non-crocheters do NOT know the value of hand made items. All they see is that a “similar” item at Walmart would cost $ and you’re charging $$$. The cost of yarn and your time is difficult to make up.

As for attention… you could try buying ads on websites such as Knitting Help, Ravelry and other sites. That’s a much more effective way for people to see you.

Hmm, do you mean that you’re selling all your stock or that you want to give your business a boost? I also have little background in sales, but from what I’ve seen of craft shops, lessons, classes and work shops seem to be good money makers.

If you want to advertise by word of mouth, how about time lapse videos of you making things, particularly unique or cute stuff - and then you could offer to sell them at the end? You can share them on facebook and if a few friends agree to always share them too, you could have free exposure to a few hundred local people. So long as they’re short and the camera is decent, they’re guaranteed to be as interesting as everything else on facebook!

I agree that most people don’t realise the time invested in making things by hand - so you could advertise the advantages, eg by highlighting off the hook shapeless sweaters against your made to measures ones. Is your target customer someone who crochets and wants patterns, yarns, advise etc, or someone to buy your products? As a knitter, I never buy anything knitted anymore, but I spend (too much!) on knitting stuff.

Perhaps as it’s near Christmas, you could advertise for personalised crocheted items - eg gloves with names, initials or references to shared holidays - so people can order a personal gift.

I hope this helps, and best of luck! I’ll see if I can brainstorm anything else…

Just another note on that promotional items blog - I don’t know about you, but I’m very suspicious of those figures! And they seem tò forget how expensive promotional items can be.

As an idea, what about crocheting pen grips and then putting them on pens or pencils with your logo? You could give them for free with purchases, and other people will hopefully take notice of the interesting grip.