How to do the Russian join. AKA:spit join?

Can acrylic yarn be joined by the “spit join” method? AKA: the
Russian join…

Yes, it can. We have videos here for lots of things including the Russian join. Scroll down on this page-

The Russian join is completely different than the ‘spit join’ which only works on wool or feltable yarns because it felts the ends together. You can use the russian on acrylic, but not the spit join.

To me those 2 methods of joining are not the same. A spit join is actually using spit, or water and felting two ends together. That join will not work with acrylic. The Russian join loops the two ends over each other and then sews them into themselves to join the two pieces together. Maybe Jan’s link will go to that.

Whoops…I agree. I read it as split not spit. Acrylic. works with Russian join though.

Oh, maybe she did mean ‘split’.