How to do the perfect border for a blanket?

I am on my first blanket project.
I am making a baby blanket on base of this pattern here:

I am knitting 9 squares. Those get sewn up and the border needs to be added.
The pattern says to knit a border on each short side (let’s imagine that my blanket would not be square) and then make the border of the long side over the whole length including the short side borders.

Well, then I get this pattern here:

But what I really would want to do is a pattern like this:

So, what could I do to achieve this?

[I]1. Idea No. 1:[/I]

I could pick up the stitches all around the blanket, could knit them off in the round by increasing one stitch before and one after each corner stitch.
Problem: I do not have enough circular needles to do so and therefore this would be quite the investment.

[I]2. Idea No. 2:[/I]

I could knit each side by itself, but I do increase at every end of the row to get a 45 degree angle (flaring out, I mean!). For that I would have to add one stitch at the end of every row, right?
then in the end, I sew the corner lines up that run out at a 45 degree angle from the corners.

Is there a better way than those 2?

One where you would not see a seam, but not have to knit all at once? (maybe some clever way of placing stitches on a holder all the time? I try to think of one…)

Final idea: to give the baby blanket an edge to grab onto, I want to cast off with I-cord. So even if I knit all the sides in seperate effords, I want to cast them off in one go, so I want to end the rows by placing on waste yarn or holders and then take them up again to cast off.

My square knit up really quickly, so I think this is all fair game. Anyways, the baby is due in February, so there is more than enough time to do it. I just want to have it mapped out!

I can’t think of another way. Since this is a baby blanket you probably wouldn’t need more than 2 circs, you don’t have to have one for each side. So I’d do option 1 where you knit around all sides at once, doing a double increase at each corner, though probably every other round, not every round.

I think you could go with number 2. For the icord edge, you could either put them all on yarn and put some stitches on a needle to bind off, or you could bind off normally and pick up stitches to make the icord edge.

Thanks, you two!

The thing will all stitches on 2 circs… well, the blanket is going to be about 3 foot by 3 foot. That might be a little much for 2 needles.
That would mean 6 foot of side stitches per needle. (and I would need another circ to work them off with, right?)

For casting off in I-cord, I would just keep them on waste yarn and take them back on needles to cast them off, right.

I will have to knit another 6 squares anyways, before I need to have it decided. The middle square is going to have the baby’s initials. But I know young parents. They know for SURE what name it will be, and last second they change it all together. So I may draft the borders and lines for that square, but I will only start on the actual knitting of that last square when the baby is born and I know the final choice of name.
If I make that square the middle one, I can already knit the borders and be done with it all the blanket, right when the baby comes home.
My friends will really like the blanket!

No you don’t need a 3rd circ, just look at the video for knitting with 2 circs in the round on the Advanced Techniques page. You have half the sts on one, half on the other (more or less) Then take the other end of the left needle and knit those sts with that circ; when you’re done with them and have reached the other circ, drop the R needle and take the other end of the L circ and do the other set of sts on that circ.

Does that work like that with so many stitches on the needle? It will be a little more than 300, or so.
I only knew that for small diameter.
Well, I may try it, who knows. Thanks for pointing that out.

I just finished the 3rd square. These look really nice but they knit up quickly. not even 2 hours per square. That is great. Too bad I can only hand it over in February :smiley:

I finished 2 the cabled strings ones, now I did the one with the puffed ribs: it has a line of stochinette then a line of seed, then a line of rev. stochinette then a line of seed… that makes it really elevated and puffy. Nice and very structural. I want the blanket to be soft and at the same time have a lot of structure so that a baby can explore the blanket (with eyes or fingers). Babies just need input for all senses, so their blankie can just as well be part of that.

Yep, I’ve made circular sweaters and blankets where I had sts on 3 circular needles. You simply use one needle for its own set of stitches.

well, ok, then I might do it like this! Great, thanks.
I will let you know how I can handle it :smiley: or if I can. :slight_smile:

I like learning something new all the time!

I still learn new things after 40 some years of knitting.

I would hope I would catch up to your level in 10 years. I am working on it.
Well, I guess it also depends on what age you start. My 30 years started when I was 4 years old. That may make for a slow but natural start on the craft. Well, I have progressed and still learn every day. I keep going on, just like that. :slight_smile:

I started when I was 14, but quit during most of the '90s and didn’t pick it up again until about 6 years ago. I’ve learned and knit more in the last 6 years than the previous 40.

my learning rate is pretty fast these days, too.
I just reviewed my grandma’s knitting that I always thought to be great when i was a kid. Well, there is more in the world out there. Way more.

The internet and the possibility to spend some money on a book or a magazine when I want to really helps, of course. Just more input, challenge and option.

I have pretty much knit all the time, taking a year or two off then starting again. But recently I knit more in 7 month than I had in a year previously. And I learned a lot - especially that there is much more out there and that there is no limit when you don’t get intimidated. So I just keep going on :slight_smile:

If it hadn’t been for websites like this one I’m not sure I’d have learned to knit much at all! I tried taking a class at first and she wanted us to knit HER way regardless of what else was out there. Glad I used my own head and did what worked for me. I started 5 years ago.