How to do kitchener on seed stitch?

It was suggested that I join seed stitch seams using kitchenering ribbing. Can someone tell me how to do that or give me a link to instructions? :??

I don’t know of anything online, but the Big Book of Knitting has instructions.

is kitchener ribbing the same as kitchener joining? If so, the video on here taught me how to do that! It was easy!

It’s a method of binding off in ribbing, kitchener style.

Oops! I was looking for how to join two seed stitch pieces kitchener style. If you follow the instructions in the video, you have stockinette stitches at the join. What I need to know is how to join the pieces so that the join continues the seed stitch.

Oh I’m sorry; yes, you can join two pieces in kitchener too.

I think if both your ends have identical stitches on the edges* you’re joining, then you could follow the instructions for kitchen in ribbing.

*Identical in that you have a purl stitch across from a purl and a knit across from a knit. That way when you join, the joining row would provide the other stitch.

Sue, what a graceful explanation. Someone else just emailed me with this question, and I came here looking to see if anyone has posted instructions on k1p1 ribbing that I could modify. We have the same idea. I’ve not tried it out, but I think it will work just as you say.

Here’s instructions from The Principles of Knitting, on how to graft k1p1 ribbing. I have noted the single change in the instructions below, in italics, for the seed stitch change:

[B]Single Rib Grafting[/B]
In this case there will be four steps, two for the Knit stitches on each needle and two for the Purl stitches. I am going to assume that the first stitch of the Single Rib sequence is a Knit [I](for seed stitch, we’ll simply assume this first stitch is a Purl, to offset this row by one stitch)[/I]. Remember, this will line up properly only when grafting the top of one section of the fabric to the bottom of another.

Preliminary step: Near/Purl, far/Knit [I](that is, into the Near needle–the one closer to you, go purlwise, then into the far needle go knitwise, just as you normally do to start)[/I]

  1. Near: Knit/drop, Knit
  2. Far: Purl/drop, Purl
  3. Near: Purl/drop, Purl
  4. Far: Knit/drop, Knit