How to do an exposed seam on moss stitch?

Hi, I’m having trouble finding a seaming technique and was wondering if anyone may know it.
I saw it on the Wool and the Gang website, they use an exposed seam to bind all pieces of a cardigan. All the pieces are knitted with Moss Stitch, but the seams are done with stockinette stitch (I’m guessing, since they mention in the description of the product that they use stockinette stitch, and the only place where it’s apparent is on the seams).
The product was the Final Countdown Cardigan by WOOL AND THE GANG.
I’ve looked everywhere to see if I could find it, but had no luck :slightly_frowning_face: and I want to avoid spending all that money in buying the pattern just to learn that one technique so if anyone can help I would be so grateful! Thank you! :blush:

Welcome to KH!

All the photos I can find on the website, Ravelry and Pinterest avoid showing the seams. I couldn’t find reference to stockinette stitch but it would be easy enough to knit one or two selvedge sts in stockinette with the main body in moss or whatever pattern you’d like. You could then use mattress stitch worked on the inside so that the seams show to the outside. Or you could use any seaming technique worked on the outside.

I missed the description of stockinette stitch on the WATG website

I think working the edges in stockinette will work, thank you so much !! That may be what they did actually, cause they do mention the use of stockinette, I’ll try it out!! thank you much again :hugs::hugs: