How to do a yfwd (twice)?

first question what is the diiference between a yo and a fwyd?.. second question I have a lace pattern that says to K2tog ok, I got that but then it says (yfwd) twice?how can I (yfwd) twice without a knit stich in between? question three I keep losing stiches with this pattern it is very simple but I am new and could really use some help

can you give the exact instructions that are confusing you so we can see them…or link us to the pattern?

yo and yarn forward are the same thing, just British/American terminology differences.

When you do the yo twice, bring it over the needle, around and then over again and then knit the stitch. On the next row, will you be slipping that extra yarn over off?

My pattern says Sl1k. *K2tog. (yfwd) twice. Sl. K1. psso.then repeat from *
The pattern says it is a ladder lace?..thanks I will try that any more help??

When something has a ladder, it usually has an extra wrap on the row before. So wrap your yarn twice for the yfwd each time it calls for it. On the next row, you’ll be asked to let it slide off the needle without knitting it.

ok , the pattern only has 2 rows i gave you the first one already, the next row says: Sl1K.*K2.P1.K1.then repeat where do I let off one stitch,

also do I start each row with the SlK1 or do I start at the *
Thank you so much for your help !!!

do what it says… start at the * and work from there

I made the assumtion that you would slip off the stitch, doesn’t seem to be the case.

The first row: Sl1k, then *k2tog, yo twice, sl, k1, psso then repeat from the *

The second row: sl1k, * k2, p1, k1, repeat from *

It looks like you’re slipping the first stitch of each row for a selvedge, just a way to make the edge look smooth.

I’m sorry if I messed you up, but my guess about dropping that extra yo was wrong. :oops: