How to do a chart?

I made this chart on the computer from the program for chart making. When I printed it out I did it in black and white, because I am making it into a cotton dishcloth with one color of yarn.

I am adding 3 knit stiches to each end/ and 4 rows of garter stitch to the top and bottom.

When I start the chart…I start on the bottom right (row 5). I am doing the white colored panels as knit, and dark as purl.
When I get to row 6, do I reverse and do the white as purl?
Or do I have to do the even rows as all knitted?
Any help you can give me will be appreciated.
Thank you,
can only post picture/not chart

Yes, when you work on the reverse side, you do the reverse stitch.

So, if you’ve set up the right-side panel as RIGHT TO LEFT white=knit, black=purl, then on the opposite side (the wrong-side), work LEFT TO RIGHT and white=purl (or if it helps, reverse stockinette) and black=knit.

OMG - That’s a beautify Grey. :inlove: Is s/he your grey??

This was a photo I found off the net. I am just about finished knitting the chart, but I am not happy with it. Not sure what I am doing incorrectly, but instead of a nice long narrow looking bird, I have a version that is wider than long! What did I do wrong? I am making this for a friend that has a grey.

Did you chart out something in squares that you wanted to look just like it did on paper? Since stitches aren’t square, something you’ve charted out in squares will have different proportions on paper than in your knitting. Knitter’s graph paper helps with this- you can make the squares proportional to your stitch, so that things don’t look squashed when you knit. :slight_smile: