How to Decrease

hi im Ashley i am needing help on how to decrease the knitting to make a hat as well as decreasing to finish a scarf. if anyone could help it would be awesome thanks so much

Hi Ashley, welcome to KH. Check out the videos section, there are several ways to do decreases and there are explanations and videos for each of them.

Hi Ashley
are you following a pattern or just making descisions as you go?
Are you looking for help on a particular type of decrease technique, or looking for the best way to decrease in these situations?
What sort of shae are you hoping to get with the decreases of the scarf (i.e a diagonal in one direction or the other, are gentle curve, a point etc)?
Happy to help, but the more info we have the easier it is, decreasing can be a surprisingly big topic!

Usually you figure how many your stitch number is divisible by - like 80 is divisible by both 8 and 10 and base your decs on that. So for 80 sts, you could k8, k2tog all the way around. Next round or row, no decs, then the one after that do k7, k2tog around. Then no decs and k6, k2tog, etc, using one less stitch between the decs until you’re down to k2tog and then you just pull the tail through the remaining sts like a drawstring. For the last couple dec rows you might not to put a plain row between them, but just dec on 2 or 3 rows altogether.