How to decrease in seed stitch across row

Dear Fellow Knitters,

I am changing the stitch for a swing jacket - from stockinette to seed stitch.

I have run into a problem when trying to decrease across the row - I need to eliminate 4 sts (seed 10 then dec, 2x, knit across to 24 st remaining dec, seed 10, dec, seed to end. This is done every 13th row 4x which would give me flair across the back.

How do I remain in seed pattern?

Thanks for your help.

Are you working two consecutive decreases on either side? (Sounds like you are.)

Depending on whether the stitch before the decreases is a knit (or purl), work one purl (or knit) decrease followed by a knit (or purl) decrease. This should keep you in the seed stitch pattern.

Example: K P K P (K P) (K P) K P K P – you have to decrease the two sts in parentheses: work one as a knit decrease (e.g., K2tog) and the second as a purl decrease (e.g., P2tog)

The next row should look like this: (the decreased sts in parentheses)

K P K P (K) § K P K P

Yes, if you’re doing the seed stitch and decreasing on each edge, you’re probably just fine doing it as usual.

But if you’re doing your decreases in the middle of a row, there’s no way to avoid getting 2 knits or 2 purls together after the decrease.

One solution might be to put your seed stitches inside like a column with a rib running down each side. Put purl stitches (right side) between each column of seed stitches.

Another thought might be to… (right side) for the decrease row, do a straight knit all the way across, decreasing as needed. Then resume the seed stitch for the next X rows.

But you cannot really decrease within a row of seed stitch without things going wonky - until the next decrease row, that is.


[B]Shape neck: Next row (WS) [/B]Work first 12 sts for collar, place marker, dec 1 st, cont in seed st across rem sts. Cont in seed st working 12 collar sts even, dec 1 st at marker (before marker on RS rows; after marker on WS rows) every 6th row 13 times;

When I follow the instructions here I end up with 2 of the same sts side by side k,p,p,k or p,k,k,p instead of k,p,k,p. then when I seed the next rows I am confused with the side by side sts when I get to the marker for the dec st.

How do I do the dec and still cont in seed?

You will end up with 2 knits or 2 purls, but the next dec row will set them right again. They probably won’t be noticeable when you’re done.