How to dbl knit scarf?

My friend had a scarf that was knit on both sides and it was not 2 layers.
I have never seen this before. Her friend gave her the pattern but it does not
cast on 20
(k1,yf,slip 1,yb,k1) repeat till end of row

This comes to either 18 or 21 stitches. Do you know where this pattern is wrong.

I loved how this scarf looked and I looked up the dble knitting on and it was 2 sided. Am I missing something here.

Your help is greatly appreciated!!


I think the pattern may be right. Try it and see what happens. As you work it, you probably knit the slipped stitches on the next row and alternate knitting and slipping. I think that may create the effect you’re talking about.

Not positive, but maybe you could cast on a multiple of three and try it.

Slip the slipped stitches as if to purl, by the way, and cast on an even number of stitches. Slip, don’t knit, the last stitch. K, sl, K, sl across moving the yarn forward and back as necessary (don’t yo though). Every row is the same.

:?? That looks very similar to the double-knit pan handler I just did. It looks like it is double knitting to me?

Here’s the pattern I’m talking about :

Maybe it’s double knit, but since the bind off closes up the tube, it looks like it’s not?

Thank you…
I tried doing just 18 count and the pattern looked more like purling.
I was slipping with knit instead of purl so I will try that!!
I will update and let you know how it goes.
Thanks again,

If you’re getting more stitches than what you cast on, there may be a problem with the way you do the yarn-forward and yarn-back, or maybe you’re picking up an extra stitch at the end of the row. Sometimes at the end, It can look like two to work, if the last stitch has slipped around the needle. It’s easy to correct both… make sure you’re not doing a yarn-over, and count stitches on each row (20 is not that many). Splitting ply can be another thing to watch out for.
If you have less, then somewhere in there you have knitted 2 together or dropped a stitch. Keep a close eye on where you put the needle tip to make a stitch, and make sure you don’t have the loops on the left needle too close together.
I hope this helps somewhat, good luck. :thumbsup: