How to create 'divide for front opening.' a beginner needs help!

I’m trying to knit something more exciting than hats and scarves! I was buzzing along nicely but am now stuck! Pattern is a Hooded Poncho from Bernat’s Color Me Cute pattern book (#530186.) 12mos size.
I have 80sts on my needle. The instructions are-
Divide for front opening:
1st row: (RS). K2.Sl1.K1.psso. K32. Turn. Leave remaining sts unworked. 35 sts rem.
2nd row: Purl.
3rd row: K2.Sl1.K1.psso. Knit to end of row.
Rep last 2 rows 13 times more, then 2nd row once. 21 sts.

Don’t know what I’m doing wrong but I’m definitely not creating a divided piece! I’ve started this section over many times but can’t seem to get it right. HELP!

You only knit part of the sts, then turn as if you were at the end of the row and purl back on those sts, should be 35 of them. Then on the next knit row, you only knit to where you turned before and purl back. You’re decreasing a stitch on each knit row to make a kind of V neck.