How to count rib gauge

I have a kids’ pattern that calls for a k1p1 rib gauge. Do I just count the V’s? Or do I count the space between the V’s? The pattern doesn’t state if I have to stretch them or not.


Gauge in ribbing is measured by slightly stretching the ribbing and counting all the sts. This is much more important if it is the pattern throughout the sweater than if it’s the edging or welt at the bottom and wrists. Obviously there’s going to be a bit of range in the gauge depending on how " slightly" you stretch but if you’re in doubt, I would err on the side of making a child’s sweater a little too loose rather than a little too tight.

So I will just be counting the V’s?

Count all the sts (or count the Vs and multiply by 2).

Ok…thank you soooo much!!!