How to Close Holes/Gaps in Knitting?

Hello everyone:

Yesterday I worked on my first intarsia project, which is a pair of mittens with hearts on them. Simple enough for a beginner…or so I thought. I forgot to twist the yarn on the vertical color changes, which left a 1cm gap in my knitting. I don’t want to unravel and start again, so I’m looking for a way to sew up the gap. Does anyone have a good tutorial / online video for sewing up holes and gaps in knitting? This will also help me fix up those giant holes left from short row heels in my socks…

I looked online and found some videos that show how to REPAIR holes that are ripped in sweaters, which is a different from what I am looking for.

I will see if I can upload a photo to show the problem that I’ve encountered. Thanks in advance!

You can try using duplicate stitch which like weaving in ends.