How to change purl to knit but three or more rows below where you're up to?

Hi there, I’m knitting a beanie in the round and it’s worked as 2 x 2 rib. I’ve noticed, to my complete frustration, that I’ve knitted two purls stitches instead of two knit stitches at the “back” of the beanie. Let me explain “back”. I decided to have four consecutive knit stitches then the rest purl 2 knit 2, etc. So that I can easily see the back of the beanie and when to change colour.

I mustn’t have been concentrating last nigth as I knitted and didn’t notice that I’d just done 2 purls and 2 knits instead of 4 knits (the central point). How can I correct this without having to unravel rows of beautiful knitting??

thanks - David


We have a video that addresses your problem:

Dear Ingrid - thank you, I’ll check that out! Appreciate it. David x

Hi David and welcome to KH!
You can always use a stitch marker to alert you to the change in color or beginning of round etc. The marker can be as simple as a knotted circle of yarn or it can be store-bought.
Enjoy your knitting.

Dear Ingrid - I checked out that video link. You are WONDERUL, thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction. This worked a treat, was not nerve-wracking (as I suspected it might be) and now my buggered-up stitch is fixed (sorry about my Aussie vernacular!). David xoxoxoxxo

:thumbsup: Aussie vernacular accepted here!

Ingrid, this is Awesome, AWEsome, AWESOME!!! :yay:

Thanks for sharing your knowledge.


Give all the video credit to our Amy!:grphug: