How to change gauges to fit the yarn

i am knitting a hat and the gauge the pattern calls for is Approx 6 st = 1" in Stockinette St. on #5 needles but the yarn that i have is 17sts= 4"… how do i convert the pattern to fit the yarn? i tried to uplad my file from my cpu but it wont work

[The pattern calls for Approx 6 st = 1" in Stockinette St. on #5 needles.
The yarn I have is 17sts= 4" on X needles.
How do i convert the pattern to fit the yarn?]

First make the gauges equal.
So, pattern wants 24sts=4". You have 17sts=4"

Then look at how many stitches the pattern CO is. I’ll pick 80.
Divide that by the pattern gauge of 24 to get how many 4" sections you are to create.

Then multiply that number by your yarn gauge to get how many stitches you need to CO with your yarn on size X needles.

You can’t CO a partial stitch so round up or down (56 or 57), depending on the pattern multiple. i.e. You need an even number for 1x1 ribbing (56). You need a multiple of four for 2x2 ribbing (56). Your pattern is a multiple of 10 (50 or 60).

You can try to get the same gauge on your yarn using the size 5s, or a 4, but it’ll probably be really tight. So figure out what gauge [I]you[/I] get with it on a 7 or 8 (may be different than what’s on the labe) and convert it to the sts that will get you the same number of stitches.

ok ive got that figured out now but the gauge on the yarn package says that thats on 5mm (8 US) and the pattern calls for 3.75mm (5 US) and 3.25 (3 US)… so do i have to change it to fit them as well?

Depends what you want to do, but remember, the gauge on the label isn’t necessarily going to be the same as you get on size 8s.

You can try using the smaller needle and see if you get gauge, but it may be too dense and stiff. You can use size 8s, 9s or whatever you like to get the knitting to look and feel like you want it, but you will need to change the number of sts depending on how many sts per inch you get.

One way to do that is divide the gauge on the pattern into the sts it says to cast on to get the inches around for the hat. Then multiply the inches times the sts you get with the other yarn and needles to make it the same size. It will probably have to be a multiple of 2 or 4 sts if there’s ribbing.

im really sorry but i dont really understand what i am suppost to do. i am new to knitting and for some reason my brain just cant comprehend what all this means. i made a swatch with my yarn on the #3 needles. i casted on 17 sts and knitted them with k1,p1 ribbing that the pattern calls for and ended up getting about 2". i also knitted a swatch with 17 sts in garter st and got about 2" as well… i am not sure what this means or what i am suppost to do with this information.

With the heavier yarn, you’ll have a much stiffer hat on size 3s. It doesn’t say to do the gauge in ribbing or garter, it’s in stockinette. In the round that’s knit every row, but knitting a flat garter stitch may not give you the right measurement because it’s not really the same st, you have to purl on alternate rows. And it should be done on size 5s, the size 3s are only for the ribbing which is supposed to be tighter. I don’t really think you’ll need that using the larger yarn though. So do another one on size 5s - knit ribbing for an inch then go to the stockinette for about 2" and see what you get then.

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