How to change colors of yarn in the middle of a row

How to change yarn colors in the middle of a row.

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Check out Amy’s videos on this site. Go up to “View Videos” and then over to “Tips”. Once you get into that section, a few items down you’ll find a whole list of joining techniques.

Be sure to check out the video on the “Russian join” and the “Felted join”. I think you’ll find both helpful!

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I especially like the Russian join because it works for all types of yarn–not just the fibers that felt easily.

To change colors in the middle of a row just drop the yarn you were knitting with and loop the new yarn over your right needle and knit the next stitch. Leave a tail of several inches of the new yarn to weave in after.

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My mom always said that there are no knots in knitting - but not in mine! I knot everything because I fear unravelling. It’s so silly! But I still do it. And of course, that makes everything uncomfortable to wear. I need to get over myself and this post has been reassuring. Thanks for the post!