How to cast on at the end?

I am making Harry Bear, here is where I am stuck
Purl 6 sts, cast on 1 st, purl 6 sts from holder
After I purl those 6 stitches, there are no more stitches left on the needle except the 6 I am going to stitch from the holder. Is there a way to cast on a stitch purlwise without using the 6 I am going to use from the holder?

Check out this link:
its a video. I just used this technique on my first baby sweater. She also uses this to cast on instead of a long tail cast on.

You can use a cable cast on, knit cast on or backward loop. All are in the video section under cast ons. :thumbsup:

Thanks so much for the quick replies, I got it now :slight_smile: