How to cast on 8 stitches at BEGINNING of Cast of Edge Front Band

Unfortunately I am unable to upload the pattern. It’s Sarah Hatton Textured Cardigan

Using 31/4 mm (US 3) needles cast on 8 sts, beg and ending at cast-off edges of front bands and with RS facing, pick up and knit 31 [31: 33: 33] sts up right side of neck, 41 [41: 43: 43] sts from back, then 31 [31: 33: 33] sts down left side of neck. 111 [111: 117: 117] sts.
Thank you very much

There are many cast ons that will work here. The cable cast on is a particularly nice one with a neat edge but a knit cast on and even a long tail cast on will work here. The 8sts will form the tab at the neckband that you can see very nicely in this project.

Sorry I don’t know how to cast on the 8 stitches from the beginning. When I picked a stitch on the edge and then casted on 8 stitches, the yarn is on the left end, how do I get back to the original edge to continue to pick the 31 stitches?

Hi, I don’t think you are supposed to pick up the edge stitch for these 8 cast on stitches.
To me it would make more sense in the pattern to have a full stop after the 8 cast on.
Cast on 8, just 8 onto and empty needle in left hand (eg for cable cast on). If you then turn and put these into your right hand you are ready to begin the pick up and knit. The stitch count of these pick up and knit stitches begin and end at the front band’s. Begin at right band (right as you wear it) and work around until you end up on the other front band (left).
When you turn to work back the 8 stitches will be the last 8 and form the tab.

I think this is what it means (and not that the 8 should begin and end at the front band).

Don’t pick up a stitch at the edge yet. Cast on the 8sts first then proceed to pick up sts. When you’ve cast on the 8sts the yarn will be at the tip of the needle. This will be true whichever cast on you choose. Hold that needle with the cast on sts in your right hand and proceed to pick up sts from the right side of the neck using the yarn strand at the needle tip.


Thank you all for your help and explanations. I am very happy to let you know that I followed your instructions and managed to complete the neck band. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yay! Great news!