How to cast new stitches both sides

Im knitting my first sweater please help me understand the pattern
I dont know how to cast the new stitches for back and front sides
This part of the pattern it says to cast 35 stitches, and 30 stitches

BODY (worked in one piece, beg at right cuff edge)
These 4 rows form patt.
Work in patt for a further 12 rows, ending with WS facing for next
Shape right side seam
Keeping patt correct, cast on 35 [36: 36: 37: 38] sts

Hi and welcome!
Here’s a video for casting on at the beginning of a row. You can use a cable cast on or a knit cast on as in this video:

Would you please edit your post to remove most of the pattern. We just need the instruction for casting on. Any more than a line or two can cause copyright problems.

Thank alot :grinning: