How To Calculate Sock Size


I am having problems with determining how to calculate sock size.

I need a little help in this problem…

I need the mathematical formula to determined the socks working stitches (CO). I 've got the measurement part handled. I know how to measure the parts of the foot/leg. I just need to know how to calculate these figures to start the sock.

The measurements are…

Right foot/leg:

cir ankle 11-1/2"

cir mid calf 16-1/2"

cir below knee 17"

length of foot is 9"

5 stitches per inch…using LB WoolEase yarn

2X2 Ribbing for the cuff, and stocking stitch for the sock, and the person has a swelling problem. The cuff is top down.


Left foot/leg:

cir ankle 12"

cir mid calf 19"

cir below knee 18"

length of foot is 10-1/2"

5 stitches per inch…using LB WoolEase yarn

2X2 Ribbing for the cuff, stocking stitch for the sock, and the person has a swelling problem. The cuff is top down.

These sock are splite sizes, and planned to go up to the knees. So, these are knee highs, so would the cir below knee is what you multiply instead of the ankle?

I did try to look on the internet for the information first, but what I found is complicated, so I can’t figure it out. Also a sock generator will not work in this situation unless the generator is for top down. I need to know the steps on how to calculate the problem the old fashion way.

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You have everything you need. For any of your measurements that go around the foot, you multiply the number times your stitch gauge (5 stitches per inch). I wouldn’t add any ease, unless you want slouchy socks.

For any measurements that run the length of something (length of foot) you’ll need to use your row gauge which you haven’t specified yet.

Are you trying to work knee length socks? If so, you will want to make the top of the sock very elastic. You might want to read through this thread

Jody talks about some of her considerations in working knee socks. I don’t think the sock is finished, but she has some interesting suggestions.

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I don’t feel that the link is helpful to me because the person is knitting her sock TOE UP. I don’t know how to knit TOE UP yet. I had mentioned on my orginal post that I am knitting the socks TOP DOWN at the cuff first. I wouldn’t be adding any ease, but reducing it by 20% to give more of a sung fit. Also, I start with a size 6 needle for the leg part, and I change to a size 3 needle for the foot part. Instead of knitting with dpn’s I am going to do these socks on 2 circulars. I have thought about using elastic, but haven’t done it yet because I want to make sure that the socks fit first, see how they holds up, and then make another pair of socks with the adjustments if I have too. I am trying to not have any binding to the legs on purpose, due to the swelling. The marks will make me itch. I don’t walk because I am a wheelchair user, so I wouldn’t have the problem of droppy socks. I do my foot part by measuring from the heel to the toe on the sock as I knit along, and that is how I measure my sock as I knit to knit the foot part. I have made socks before, but the cuffs stretched so bad that there is no shape to them, and yes they fall down, so I think it is because the sock is too small to begin with, and the elastic of the yarn is stretched out therefore, doesn’t hold up.

Thanks for your help.

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