How to calculate gauge

Hello…I am starting another project (Lace up Fingerless Gloves from Alter Knits book) and I don’t know how to count the gauge. The women at the LYS have usually done it for me. How can I figure it out myself. I can count the rows but the stitches is what I am not sure about. Do I count each V as two? or one? :thinking:

Each V is one stitch.

Here is a good article on swatching.

Thanks Ingrid! I was right on with the gauge :happydance: (although I didn’t block it like the article said! :rollseyes: )

[size=2]I usually don’t block, either.[/size] :oops:

I’ll let you know if the gloves fit my sister or her cat… :lol:

Thanks Ingrid! You are the best! :thumbsup: