How to "borrow" stitches



I am working on the Alpaca Yarn Company Passi Shawl kit. It is a multi-chart pattern. During the last chart is says “you will need to “borrow” one st from inside the red repeat line to work the beginning K2tog”. My question is, how do I “borrow” stitches? I’ve tried looking around online but have come up empty. I am just truing to understand if if K2tog, do i then slip into the knitted loop and knit it or do i pick up a stitch. Ive attached the line in question.


Welcome to KH!

You just need to k2tog. One of the sts will be outside the usual repeat for this row. No need to create a stitch. You may need to more a marker if you are using them.
There are several comments on chart D on the Ravelry projects. Is this D? Maybe this is the most helpful. Read your knitting is always good advice.