How to bind off so it's really really stretchy?

Hi all! I’ve finally finished my Interweave shrug! (thanks to Ingrid)

Thing is, I know shrugs are supposed to be tightish, sort of, around the arms. I used this yarn that really breaks easy (which I willnever ever use again) so I did try to bind off loosely but I still feel like
if I stretch it too much when I wear it the bind off might break.

(This yarn broke several times just while knitting)

I’m thinking of ripping out the bind off (if I can) and trying a looser bind off. I think I read about something in EZimmerman’s book but I can’t find my book. Any suggestions ? :doh:

When binding off are you using larger needles than u used for the project? I’m a tight knitter and I normally use 1 or 2 sizes larger to bind off.
I know of stretchy bind off for socks; those can be found here.

Hey Thanks Rebecca! I’m printing those instructions out right now, they look very useful. No, I never did use a bigger needle to bind off. I will try that next time. cheers, V. :smiley:

You are welcome…I always bind off with a larger needle!! Happy :smiley: to have been off assistance :wink:

There is also a special stretchy bind off I have used for the tops of toe up socks, HERE

Hey Kemp! that’s a good one, unusual. I’m printing it out as I speak. (building a new notebook with all the special tips I get here)