How to Bind off for Sleevless Armholes?

Hi folks
Just spent the last 1/2 hr reading through the forum and picking up some good tips. It’s really worthwhile doing this from time to time even if you don’t have a specific question because there are always gems to dig out. At the very least you can have another giggle at Ingrid’s avatar! :rofling:

My question is for a sleeveless summer top - this is my first real garment (besides hats, mittens, scarves, shawls etc) and I’m petrified.
When the pattern says Cast off (bind off) X stitches at beg of next X rows…is there a trick to how to cast off to make a clean edge because these armholes have no other finish to them?
My other question is a doozer!
The pattern says " After casting off stitches for shaping, one stitch will remain on the right hand needle which is not included in the instructions that follow"
:?? Huh? What do I do with it - keep it on the needle and wear the top with the needle hanging off it??? :roflhard:
Oh me! Like all new knitters I could fill this space telling you what a complete dolt I feel, but thank you experienced knitters :XX: for the time you give us answering our questions!
Look forward to hearing from you

Just bind off the regular way. That will give you a clean edge, and it will be in the armpit, anyway.

What directions do they give you after the “not included” part? That stitch must get incorporated somewhere. I suspect you just leave it on your needle and continue with the next step, but you never know.

Hi Ingrid, thanks for the bind off tip

Oddly the “not included” part is given at the beginning before the actual pattern instructions. I’m assuming it’s related to the armhole shaping because there are no increases or decreases in the body of the top. The shaping for the armholes is basic - eg Cast off 7 sts in patt at beg of next 4 rows. No more info on the pattern about that extra stitch. I think I’ll just do the pattern and see where the critter turns up! Then I’ll come back and ask for more advice when I have the actual stitch in situ.

If you have a brain storm do let me know
cheers, Jan